This hanging rail system uses a snapping plastic rail to tightly hold your graphics in place. The poster holder kit requires no tools for switching out posters, and doing so is fast and easy. This hanging rail systems is found in exhibition halls, retail store, trade shows, malls, and arcade!

This poster display, hanging rail system can display double-sided graphics in order to promote in multiple directions at the same time. Use these banners to promote ongoing sales, upcoming events, and specials at your business!

A bottom rail is included with the purchase in order to keep the graphic taut whilst on display. Displaying graphics at your business is an easy way to advertise to multiple people at the same time. The clear plastic holders are an inexpensive way to promote, order today!

Plastic Poster Hanger

  • * Four sizes width you can choose, 600mm, 850mm, 1000mm, 1200mm
    * Snapping rail makes graphic changes fast while securely holding graphics on display
    * Included top & bottom rail to keep graphics taut & readable in any location
    * Sliding eyelets on top for installation using wire, chains, or fishing line in many different businesses!
    * Each purchase includes 10 sets