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    • Wall Bracket (180 Degree) & (25 Degree)- These bases are perfect if you have a set location at the front of your store or on a fence that you will be putting your flags out on each day. These brackets are designed to be permanently screw fixed to a wall or fence and allow you to simply take the flag on and off each day. Our 25 & 180 degree allows the flag to point out on an angle.
    • Cross Base - A great base to choose when using your flags outdoors. The flat steel cross pieces are powdercoated black for a great finish and to provide resistance to the elements. This base can be used both on hard surfaces or on dirt. The base is 810mm wide so provides great stability for your flags and then the 2 cross pieces just fold together for easy transportation.
    • Square Metal Base - This is an alternative to our 2 Cross Base options. It provides a clean flat base that can minimise tripping hazards so is perfect for use outside shops and in walkways.
    • Ground Spike - This is our most popular base which allows you to stand the flag up on soft surfaces, such as grass or dirt areas, garden beds & sand at the beach.
    • Car Wheel Base - This is a very popular option for car yards and real estate agents. This base simply slides under a car tyre and is locked into placed by the tyre so your flag is very stable.
    • Water Bag

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